Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am currently reading Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' and will be following that with 'Philosophical Investigations'. I also purchased a small book by Korzybski on Amazon. It's a strange tome: double-spaced, Times New Roman font and a flimsy cover that make it seem more like a grad school dissertation than a commercial publication.

Anyway, I suspect I will make an entry here soon. The last few months turned very unproductive, and I expect to pull out of the Seasonal Affective slump within the next month. I have several projects, including the reading, on the burner, which is usually a sign of a period of mild excitation and productivity. Hmm, I am talking about myself as though I am bipolar...

I am HIGHLY excited by these books. So excited that I can barely get through a paragraph before I drift off into reverie... which was common when I was younger.

I look forward to posting an update here soon.