Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am currently reading Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' and will be following that with 'Philosophical Investigations'. I also purchased a small book by Korzybski on Amazon. It's a strange tome: double-spaced, Times New Roman font and a flimsy cover that make it seem more like a grad school dissertation than a commercial publication.

Anyway, I suspect I will make an entry here soon. The last few months turned very unproductive, and I expect to pull out of the Seasonal Affective slump within the next month. I have several projects, including the reading, on the burner, which is usually a sign of a period of mild excitation and productivity. Hmm, I am talking about myself as though I am bipolar...

I am HIGHLY excited by these books. So excited that I can barely get through a paragraph before I drift off into reverie... which was common when I was younger.

I look forward to posting an update here soon.

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  1. Having neither read nor Wikipedia'd (?) those books, I can't really relate, but your Korzbski book reminded me of a book that a friend gave me before I started traveling. It was no longer in print, so he printed it off the internet and had it bound for me..very kind. It was called 'Pascals Pensees' by philosopher, Blaise Pascal. Though I haven't gotten to far through it, its rather cool to have a unique, out of print version. So enjoy yours! :)